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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Josh McCann - FMR (Redbox Records) Release date: Mar 14, 2011

For starters, it takes a bit of effort to get me to accept Electro house; I don't hate it, as much as I just find it monotinous at times, and strongly overloaded with activity most often.  But, it's tempting punch and driving beat is hard to resist I must admit.  Now to get me to play it and also take the time to write about what I've listened to; has to be something worth noting.  I didn't just listen once, I took a few seats on this groove train as it chugged down the track.  That track is a fantastic new release that arrived for your delight 14th, March 2011. You might be put off that a year has passed since it's release, but not to worry this one is immortal. The artist, talented rising star Josh McCann coming live and direct from the UK!  The song that stopped me in my tracks today...  titled:  FMR.  Unlike the majority of slapped together electro beats, swiftly packaged for devouring by the masses... this one has a bit of staying power.  A well thought out and arranged work, with all of the sensuous features of electro, while still packing the intelligent design of a superb tech house track.  Through all of it's twists and turns, this is one track that will not loose you along the way.  In fact like a good rollercoaster, it's got you all to itself... and before you know it the ride is over.  Though if you're like me... you'll run right back to the beginning of the line, eager to take it for another spin! Unfortunately for everyone who didn't get a VIP pass on this ride you just have to take my word for it for now, and in the mean time, trust you won't be disappointed. The best thing to do right now, is follow the link below, and checkout Josh's amazing gifts at soundcloud!


-Harley Wrase

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